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Happy adult students training in Krav Maga at Alpha Team Self Defense in Ocala, Florida

I have been going to classes for 5 months. Excellent teachers a husband and wife team. They also offer kick boxing and Iron gut boot camp for the same price. You can go 4 days a week sometimes 5.
Lots of fun, fitness, and great people.

Woman training in Krav Maga Ocala

"Sometimes I get nervous about the craziness of the world. Both my daughters and I train here at Alpha Team. I feel like the instruction I get has helped build my confidence. I am even on track to study to become an assistant instructor,"

Allison B.

Mike trains in Krav Maga Ocala

My name is Mike and one day I had to use the fitness I have gained in class as well as the training I have been practicing for the past 2 years. ......
A few months ago I investigated some wiring in my attic above my office, I fell through the 10 foot ceiling and landed on my desk below full of computer monitors and supplies. I did a forward roll as I hit the desk and came away with a few bruises only! WOW! 10 minutes later I called up the Bruno's and thanked them for my training"

Mike O., Ocala, Fl

A testimonial for the benefits of training at Alpha Team

"As a Lieutenant with the Fire Dept. and Medic, these classes have promoted a lot of respect among my fellow fire fighters. My training in Krav Maga H2H Combat classes and the fitness classes at Bruno's Self Defense have definitely increased my confidence that when on scene, if someone should become hostile, I could assist my self and my crew to stay safe."

Brian Gill

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