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It is now being recommended by many doctors that an exercise program that is most beneficial is one that will strengthen and promote flexibility without a heavy cardio overload.

Tai-Flex will help you become stronger and more flexible by training you with slow and purposeful movements that will bring grace, focus and better health. This training is included with your membership in your Tactical Defense Workout Class. Get ready mentally and physically for anything.

Masters Guy and BJ Bruno


Hello! We have been instructing thousands of students into the way of heath and the mind-body connection with our martial arts programs for over 25 years.

Just as in the world of martial arts training it is emphasized to focus on a balanced way, we instruct in both the 'hard' and 'soft' styles of martial arts.

Our life mission has always been to assist our students become healthier and safer to navigate and to triumph over what life throws our way.

We offer self defense training in Krav Maga, Taekwondo, Defender Fit and Combat Taekwon.

We also offer Tai-Flex in our Tactical Fitness Class which is an embellished and leveled up Tai-Chi Format of training.

This is a totally led and nonjudgemental style of training that will not require you to learn and memorize movements; just that you follow along at your best ability.

Come take a break and attend a class which we refer to as a mini-retreat for your mind and body.






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