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Women and men and kids train in Taekwondo Ocala

Focus. Confidence. Flexibility, Strength and more. These are the traits you can expect to gain as you participate in the ancient and formal art of Korean Taekwondo.

You have the option of training in this world-renowned martial art 2 times a week at our center.

Classes are instructed by Black Belt Instructors/Owners Master's Brunos who have been training and instructing students for the past 30 years.

As you decide to engage on this journey, you will be trained in the different belted levels of fighting skills, intense physical fitness routines and more. Our style is the same style that the Taekwondo Olympians train in and you can enjoy the fact that you will be learning the same things that students all over the world know.

Please call to check for our family classes appropriate for ages 7 through adults.


Schedule of Taekwondo Classes:


Tuesdays 6:10 pm

Thursday 6:10 pm

Saturday 10:30 am starting in September

"Our Family Taekwondo Classes will lead you on an exciting journey."

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