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Ready to try a martial arts class? This summer we are offering an enrollment special for $99 that will include a uniform, belt, video training access and first month of unlimited classes for kids ages 6-14 yrs old. This special is good for the months of June, July or August and can be applied towards Krav Maga Self Defense or Taekwondo.  Now is the time to brush up on your self defense skills whether beginner or advanced.

Who knows what the summer will bring. But  your child can be ready with more skills and a higher level of fitness.

De-stress and have fun while learning to protect yourself.

Summer 2023 Special!

  • Do not worry about signing up on the first day of the month. We will give you a full month of training starting from the day you sign up.

    Your official membership program will then begin on your anniversary of sign up.

    Call for any questions you may have and hope to see you soon.

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