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Private Lessons for Private People

You want to learn. You want to learn some self defense moves that could help you if you should find yourself in a 'situation'.

But. You are not fond of crowds.

You do not wish for various reasons to learn and train in a classroom environment. We offer Private and semi-private for all ages and fitness levels. Call us to see how we can help you train in a non stress and motivating environment.

Guy J. Bruno and BJ Bruno have provided personal fitness and self defense training to numerous clients at their own studio or at their clients' homes for over 20 years. Their clients include persons of varied backgrounds and careers including executives, doctors, nurses, lawyers, retired individuals and stay at home moms.

Please call us to provide you with a consultation and recommendation that would suit your goals and your schedule.

References from other satisfied clients available on request.

BJ Bruno
Chief Master Guy J. Bruno

Thanks! Message sent.

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