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Have you ever lost anything?

Of course you have. We all have.

We lose money, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, coats, jackets, shoes; sometimes we even lose our cars, homes, or even our way!

We sometimes lose a game, a bet, championships or a fight!

But what about when we lose someone's respect, a friendship or suffer the loss of family ties, a business, a marriage, or even a child.

Who wants to lose anything? To lose means pain, usually sadness, regret and sometimes grief.

What is my point here? 

My point is that sometimes our self speak can become our self defeat!

I believe that our choice of words can have a huge outcome on our decisions, achievements, and goals. When it comes to weight control, which is usually the first thing we address when striving for a higher degree of health, the terminology we use to express our desire of wanting to obtain this, can at times lead to our talking  ourselves out of it. 

What do I mean?

I mean that usually when we relate to our friends and to ourselves that we want to get rid of excess fat, the first thing we will  say is that we want to _______ weight.

Did you easily fill in the missing word? 

Was it the word lose?

Because we usually struggle not to lose anything, why would we actively pursue methods to lose inches, poundage or pants sizes?

 Maybe how we choose our words and self talk affects and impacts our psychology towards this endeavor of gaining optimal fitness and health.

Lose weight? Lose health? Lose our figure? Lose our mind?

Could this be your key to obtaining your fitness goals?

What if we turned it around; what if we realized we are not interested in 'losing' anything, but that what we really want is to GAIN health, GAIN a great figure, AQUIRE awesome energy, AQUIRE amazing focus, ACHEIVE  our best life.

What am I saying?

I am saying that I believe if we eliminate the words lose and loss when we refer to our quest of obtaining a healthy weight and fantastic health, we will have a greater chance to see our goals realized.

How can we do this?

Self speak first.

Say things like this out loud.

"My goal is to meet my desire of bringing my weight to __________" (fill in your number).


"I will eat this certain amount of good clean food and drink  and include exercises that will help tone my body and will assist me to achieve my desired weight."

If you see those cakes and coke and candy and cookies, (why do they all start with a 'c'?) ,do not say that you shouldn't eat that stuff cause it will cause you to 'gain' weight; say to yourself that  you won't eat those items because they will cause you to 'lose' health!

Write your own positive affirmations on postcards and place them around your home, car and workplace.

Catch yourself when you are speaking to a co-worker, friend or relative, and don't refer to the term 'losing' weight.

When the day comes and somone notices how good and healthy you look and the first question they ask is how much weight did you 'LOSE'...

Respond with your new way of thinking,

And tell them you have not lost the weight, but that you got 'RID' of that extra unhealthy and unattractive fat!! 

Then smile as you proudly proclaim to them and yourself your ownership of better health.

Come work out and ACHIEVE better health with us as well as a new way of thinking with like minded people at Brunos Self Defense, Krav Maga and FITNESS!

B.J. Bruno

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