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The Siren Spider

Updated: May 7, 2023

Pretty. Enticing. Delightful to look at.

But beware.....

Of the spider.

   At Bruno's Self Defense and Krav Maga we teach self-defense. We counsel our students on how to live longer and at peace.

Students come to train specifically in the skills of Krav Maga and how to protect themselves. But along with their time here, their physical training enables them to achieve a higher level of fitness and health.

We also train in the important aspect of mental readiness and vigilance should violence seek us out.

We discuss nutrition, diet and personal habits; with everyone welcome to chime in and relate how this or that has helped them towards their goal of heightened health.

They all go hand in hand.

But it should be mentioned that danger is not always directed towards us from an outside physical attack or from our poor life-style choices.

Specifically, I would like to mention the very real and always present, dangerous pitfalls that can impact our physical and mental health from the internet; also known as the web.

The web has become our go-to counselor, health advisor,

entertainer, librarian, teacher, mom and even best friend.

It is so easy to become dependent on the web.

Question about how to make Chicken Piccata?

Internet Betty Crocker to the rescue.

Weather prediction for the upcoming weekend?

On your phone's home-screen, information will reveal to you if you should bring an umbrella or sunscreen.

Want to lose those last 100 pounds easily in two weeks?

You got it; just check out any of the 1 million websites anxious to help you and anxious to make themselves very rich from your desperation.


Oh yes, any 10 million sites out there ready to 'help' you not have to experience the discomfort of being alone with your own thoughts. 

But the web is helpful.

Truly. Lives have been enhanced and saved, and hidden worlds have been discovered with the amazing wealth of knowledge that can be accessed through this tool.

But just as a gun is a tool that can be easily misused, so can the ever-present internet.

So why am I writing about this?

Because I believe that the internet can be easily weaponized and used  against you, against me and against those we love.

If you find yourself running home to get online to play that game or find out the latest gossip; if you find yourself unable to drive your car from point A to point B without accessing FB; if you are sitting in on a conversation at work or with the family and you start fidgeting to escape to the soft siren sound of that internet site guaranteeing to  help you  put away your misery; then you have fallen into the sticky side of the web.

It is similar to that unfortunate frog in the pot sitting in the cold water on the stove. The heat is turned up gradually, gradually, and before he knows it, the water is delightfully warm, comfortable, and nice. He gets sleepy and then starts to notice that it is getting a little too warm, but his responses have slowed and he is unable to outpace the danger and jump out Then boom; dinner for someone else.

If you started out looking at the funniest cat videos one minute and then 8 hours later still finding yourself  behind the monitor and perusing sites that could be termed 'shady', you could be in trouble.

The spider is there watching you.

He can navigate the web with ease and speed.

You cannot. You will get stuck.

And as you try to gain your freedom, you just get more entangled. And then...

And then it is up to you. Rip through the gossamer enticements that have now become more like strangling, mooring ropes and get away? Or perhaps you can try waiting for help to assist in your escape.

Don't count on the spider.

He wants you.

He wants your happiness, your money and maybe your life.

Don't give in. Fight evil wherever you find it; whether on the street, in the corporate world, your home or at the end of your fingers.

Come train. We believe that if you can learn how to defend yourself with these amazingly efficient self-defense techniques, then you will help enable your mind defend itself against those that would steal your money and your peace.

Strong Body. Strong Mind. Be Strong! Oos.

As a side note: We would also like to announce that we have been awarded the distinction of having been declared as one of the Top 60 Blogs on Krav Maga by! Number #29 to be exact! We are thrilled.

Thanks to all of you for your support.

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