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Insurance: A measure taken to protect someone or something. ie. Self Defense

You have a family, a home, a car or two, household possessions, and as part of your effort to keep these safe and protected from harm or loss, you purchase insurance from a company who offers to give you recompense or replacement if either of those occured.

Although statistics reassure us that these situations are not normally going to be something we will experience, it is the fact that we will have the best chance to suffer loss less if we have that insurance in place, that brings a measure of peace.

Similarly, that is what you can achieve through the training in your self defense. You can claim confidence knowing that you have the skills and the experience in hand to hand combat training and threat analysis that will give you an edge over the non-trained if you have a confrontation with an attacker.

It would be a rare occurrence if you had your car stolen. It would be a rare occurrence that your house would burn down. It would be a rare occurrence to have someone attack or harm you.

But by experiencing that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that won't let you rest, you purchase insurance, feeling calmer and more confident knowing that you may never have to use it.

And these are the same feelings our students possess by training in the amazing avenues of martial arts and self defense classes.

You can see the difference in them not only by the belt colors that they wear, but you can observe their higher level of calm confidence and watchful focus they exhibit which increases the more often they train and the more classes they experience.

You can provide insurance (assurance really), by providing for your family an ongoing and consistent avenue of training in self defense.

No, you will probably never experience the sad loss of a home, car or possessions, through weather, theft or fire. And you will probably never by God's grace experience a threat or attack on your person. But wouldn't you like to feel some peace regarding your efforts to prevent it?

Training in martial arts will help save your life and increase its quality. And as an aside, it becomes a way to obtain a higher level of fitness along with that safeguard by knowing how to ward off the bad guys.

Have you noticed there seems to be more of them lately?

Come and gain that reassurance through the insurance of having a life long training program and partner in self defense that will assist you and your family to stay safe.

Come Train.

Masters Bruno

Alpha Team

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