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She walked down the aisles between tables replacing empty salt shakers with newly filled ones as she considered what else she needed to do before she could leave her waitress job for the night.

Yawning at the lateness of the hour, she caught one of her co-workers staring past her. Smiling, she continued in her task when some noises in the front entrance caused her to pause and turn. Two well-dressed men were waving guns at the cashier, while shouting that if everyone cooperated, no one would get hurt. Eyes wide with fright, the 7 employees of the restaurant along with two late-night customers allowed themselves to be herded into a nearby walk-in freezer with their captors continuing to ‘reassure’ them that all would be well if they just ‘cooperated.’

What an incredibly evil lie dressed up as a life-line to control frightened victims hoping against hope; hoping against reason, hoping with a touch of insanity; hoping that their captors would do what they were saying and follow through with their shouted promises. One fear-filled and horrific hour later, the cooler-tomb held nine innocent victims, four dead, four wounded and one mentally scarred for life.

How often have we heard from the victims that were left alive, that their captors said all they had to do was cooperate and no one would get hurt?

What? Seriously? Here you have a person or persons abandoning all civility and humanity by taking your peace of mind with the intention to take more from you, has given you no indication that he cares anything about you, only wants to inspire fear to ‘manage’ and control you, and you believe anything he has to say? A scumbag criminal is not interested in your comfort—is not interested in helping you—is not interested in anything but taking what he came for–whether it be your money, property, body or life. Do not fall into the trap of believing anything that comes out of the mouth of a person who has already caused you distress, fear or discomfort. And that is truly what their claims are–a trap. A trap to achieve your cooperation and compliance. A trap designed to make you freeze and incapable of becoming pro-active in any attempt to resist the plans of the criminal. Sanford Strong in his book, “Strong on Defense”, says that time only works against you in these situations. He says that the place and time at first contact is as “good as it’s going to get”; meaning that your chance at escaping violence and injury must be taken immediately. Of course, every situation requires different responses to achieve your goal of safety and self-defense. We will talk more about different situations involving crime on you and yours in future blogs and how you might be better prepared before-hand in order to provide you with a fighting chance. But you must remember.

Do not believe them.

They are lying to you.

Everything they say is designed to control and manipulate. Tell yourself over and over; “I do not believe them, I will never believe them.”

This will allow you to move on to the next level; the most important level: how to escape rather than how to placate.

Prepare yourself mentally as well as physically. Train by visualizing what you would do in a hostage situation. If there is a chance, it will be in the beginning. React immediately and don’t weaken your chances by believing anything they say. Don’t ever believe them.

Stay Safe


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