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Fight for Your Life

We teach self defense.

Have for over 25 years.

Our own training in self defense started many years prior. Becoming instructors and program founders enabled us to train others in what we believe is the best way to add a dimension  of safety and  create a better chance at a full life with added confidence and knowledge to address danger.

Self Defense is about fighting. Pure and simple.

It is not about fighting for sport. It is not about fighting for fitness. It is not about fighting to gain stress release.

It is about fighting for your life.

It is training to know how to fight, when to fight and what weapons to employ that will include the use of our own bodies in a confrontational arena.

These are the essential elements to knowing how to protect and defend your life.

Everyone can learn some self defense; the 400 pound 6’10” muscle-ripped power lifter to the tiny 5’3″ stay at home mom. Even younger children can be taught ways to fight that will increase their chances to survive a violent encounter.

But just as it is true, that rare is the person who can pick up a violin and make meaningful music emanate from it unless they have studied under a competent teacher, so too is the fact that to be able to effectively fight to defend oneself, a person must engage in instructional training clearly delivered in an environment that encourages serious focus and proper mind-setting.

The good news is that when you join a self defense oriented school, you are already making the best decision that can impact the positive outcome of your survival.

You are admitting 3 things:

  1. That there are dangerous and evil-minded people and ideologies that seek to harm you and others.

  2. That you believe that you need to learn additional ways on how to protect yourself.

  3. And most importantly, you are giving yourself permission to fight back, possibly harming or even taking the life of the predator who sees to take yours.

A point that must be made; a caveat if you will; is that a 6 week course or even a year of training in self defense could not be expected to keep you safe should you become involved in a dangerous situation.

Well, why not you ask? Many of you have participated in martial arts classes, tried a few weeks of R.A.D., took a seminar….

But... Returning to the violin analogy; should you neglect your practice of this fine instrument and stuff it into the back of a closet, then was asked to perform at a concert hall for a black tie event, it is doubtful that you would be prepared to deliver a flawless performance.

The same is true regarding your self defense training. It must be consistent and ongoing in order for you to be effective in your ability should you ever be called upon to fight for your life.It must become an ongoing way of living. And if or when the time comes, you must be prepared to deal with it. Now is not the time to stop your self defense training. Now is not the time to question whether or not you should start a self defense program.The world is getting worse, not better. And as the world gets worse, we must get better.


Master B.J.Bruno

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