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Families Under Attack: Survival Rules

Do you watch the news? Scroll through the headlines under your online news app?

How often are we mentally assaulted and appalled at the number and the viciousness of the crimes that are performed by humans on humans?

Has violence touched you, your family or someone you know?

Violence is random or targeted, resulting in physical damage or death.

Even though we live in a ‘civilized’ society, many have abandoned any sense of self control and will do anything to acquire what they want. Perhaps the perpetrator is looking for money, goods, or even raising their own status through a criminal group or self worth by taking the innocence or life of the victim.

Age is a non subject. The criminal can be of any age and the victim of any age.

Headlines screaming out assaults on even the most defenseless; infants, children, women, handicapped and the aged.

It is now common knowledge that our borders, once guarded as a line of safety, is no longer. We have countries that are anxious to unload their most heinous criminals from their prisons and are encouraged or even bussed to our borders to gain entry into our country that promises to reward anyone with free phones, money loaded onto credit cards, housing and travel benefits. No matter what kind of person or their violent history.

America has always been a bastion of hope to the downtrodden and hopeless who were anxious to escape a dangerous regime from another country, or to find an environment that will give them and their family hope for a better life by obtaining citizenship.

But that is a concept that only applies to the ones who want to leave their county and to adopt America as their own.

Unfortunately, most who are coming into our country have different goals.

They are the takers with no intention or desire to give, and only want to get.

And this has resulted in a more dangerous environment for us.

Sadly, a culture of fear has been slowly growing in our society because we can no longer depend on the rules of law to dictate our safety.

Police departments have been defunded or even eliminated due to political constraints and lack of new participants.

The criminals are now feeling impervious to consequences.

Which fact results in citizens having to decide how to protect themselves or forgoing engaging in certain activities or perhaps just ignoring the problem and denying that they could become a statistic of a violent assault.

Your Path is Yours to Choose.

We can decide what we want to do.

We have the freedom to choose how to react to the fact that violence in our country is prevalent.

We can go on our merry way and choose to believe it will never touch our lives or we can make a plan for ourselves and for our families realizing that the danger is there and we can obtain some level of confidence by seeking ways to defend if necessary.

If you choose to admit that you could become engaged in a struggle for your life, then you can pursue various ways to help yourself escape damage or death.

Different avenues of self protection involve carrying a legal weapon including knives, guns or tasers or sprays.

But all the above involve training to be used effectively in a self defense situation.

And many areas disallow these items for your defense.

Which brings us to hand to hand combat training.

As we say in our industry, ‘the best fight is no fight’ and it is encouraged to be aware of your surroundings and not to be in any area or situation that could encourage an attack.

But even though you may not be looking for danger, danger looks for you.

Close combat training is training to learn how to use your own body and mind to defend against various types of attacks or threats.

And it is not easy.

Our system we instruct involves many ways to effectively react to numerous types of attacks.

We learn to defend while upright and while on the ground.

We learn to defend if grabbed from behind, pushed, choked, and how to address more than one attacker.

We learn how to best take a fall without injury and we learn how to quickly get back on our feet.

We learn how to defend ourselves against attackers wielding weapons such as knives and guns.

We learn how to distract, disable and destroy.

We learn to survive.

Come train. You may not be the most athletic or fit person. You may think you are too old or too young to learn. But if you learn just one thing that could help you or your family stay safe, the time and effort is so worth it.

In some following blogs, we will discuss more in detail different types of attacks and suggestions on how you may defend yourself.

Sadly, and quite amazingly, there are now forces that want to disallow self defense classes and training.

In Massachusetts there is a senator this year, 2024, who has introduced a bill to eliminate training schools and classes that offer any type of training that could injure another person; in other words you cannot learn how to defend yourself and just comply and die by anyone who chooses to attack you.

Here in Florida, we have currently sensible leaders who are here for your freedoms to choose.

So choose wisely and stay safe.


Alpha Team Self Defense

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