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Welcome! Chief Master Guy Bruno here.

We are now offering a great summer program for kids and adults in the Belleview Community Center. Classes are scheduled for Wednesdays at 6pm for kids 6-13 and 7pm for Adults ages 14 up.

These classes will emphasize self defense skills and techniques based on the popular and very effective system of Krav Maga. This is a time tested, easy to learn and proven system utilized by the Israeli IDF, FBI, and local law enforcement. Registration is $29 dollars and $59 dollars per month to receive this amazing training by our certified instructors.

Sign up anytime during June, July and August.

The world is getting crazier and we must get ourselves in shape mentally and physically to stand up against bullies and thugs. We emphasize a serious approach to violence and train in proven ways to address different types of attacks. We also stress physical fitness readiness and even though this is training that educates us in self defense, we also add in drills to sharpen our skills and we also add a llittle fun (especially in the kids classes)

Come train with like-minded friends and don't wait til trouble finds you.

Beginners very welcome. We will help you get ready.


Call or Text Alpha Team at 352-861-5425 to pre-register and save your spot. Start anytime. You do not have to wait for the first of the month to start your training.

Belleview Community Center
5615 SE 110th Place
Belleview, Fl 34420

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