You have questions. We understand. Here are some examples of frequently asked questions we get.



Can I try a class?


Absolutely! We have a special trial class that will help you discover if this is a good fit for you regarding intensity, ability and availability.​


We will share with you at this special class what our focus is and how it can benefit you and your health.



What do I wear?

Anything comfortable that you might wear to a gym. Most here wear a simple club t-shirt and board shorts or workout pants.

I will not know anyone there, plus I am out of shape. Will I fit in?

Definitely!  Everyone in your class is at different levels of fitness. Some have participated in Triathlons and others have never set foot in a workout facility. This is a supportive environment for all; clean, energizing and safe.

Will I learn how to protect myself?

Yes. Right away you will learn ways to keep yourself safe. In our training we emphasize getting in our best possible shape as well as perfecting techniques to fight back.

Can I obtain a black belt? How long does it take?

Yes. We have a compartmentalized system of training for our schools that will bring you to a comprehensive knowledge base that you can be awarded a black belt in.

It takes a person with dedication, focus and drive approximately 3 and a half years to obtain.

But as with anything, it is up to you and your will to obtain.

I am afraid of getting hurt in class. Can that happen?

We are all about learning to fight and how to defend ourselves, but we train as safely as possible with protective gear and equipment. Most of us are business professionals and college students or home-makers with families; we have to go to school or work the next day!

Why should I bother to learn self defense? Can't I just rely on the police or law enforcement to protect me?

We support our law enforcement agencies and military and anyone connected with the safety of our country. In fact we offer them discounts off our programs here at Bruno's Self Defense.


However, if you should ever be under attack by someone, they may be minutes away from you and so your defense at the moment is totally up to you and your ability.

We think taking self defense is similar to the philosophy of carrying an umbrella in your car; You hope it does not rain, but if it does, you are prepared!

Please call us for anymore questions. We will be glad to help! We have a great team of instructors who all started out the same way as you and would love to help you. Maybe you can even become and instructor someday and help others learn to defend themselves in this crazy world!

The Bruno's

An official North American Self Defense System and  training school, NASDS.





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